Powder Coating

Surface Solution

Powder coating is a high quality finish found on thousands of products you come into contact with everyday,

Blast Cleaning

Surface Solution

Blast cleaning or otherwise known as sand blasting is a process that cleans a number of products back to their original surface.

Dustless Mobile Blasting

Surface Solution

Surface Solutions have invested in new equipment to bring blast cleaning to you, whether that is your home or work place we are able to clean brickwork, wood, metal, the list is endless.

Blasting and Powder coating….What is it?? - And will you ever need it??

Do you have railings in your garden that need a spruce up but don’t want to replace them? Garden gate looking a little shabby??
This is something that we can Blast either in our unit or at your home if they are in situ, If we take them to our unit we can blast and powder coat them for you, If they are in situ we can prepare them back to their original state ready for you to paint yourself, No more wasting time with sandpaper and a wire brush.

Do you live in a property or are looking to purchase a property with wooden beams or lovely oak doors that have been painted?
Thinking how long it’s going to take you to strip them back with a heat gun?
We have the answer to your prayers, we are able to come into your home and strip back all of the painted wood to its original form.

Brickwork, Have you painted an outside wall and then wish you hadn’t?
Fed up of constantly maintaining it to keep it looking clean?
We can strip the paint off of the brickwork so that it is back to its original state.

If you have been affected by graffiti? - We can remove this too.
With 30 metres of blast hose we are able to reach to most places (depending on how close we can park to your house)

There will be some mess with this as you can imagine it is water and glass being used at high pressure but we will tidy up after ourselves and keep the mess to a minimum.